Unaccompanied Minor

Unaccompanied minors and Infant Service

What is American Airlines unaccompanied minor Service?

The children that travel without being accompanied by an adult, parent, or a legal guardian are called unaccompanied minors Majority of airlines provide various services to help and assist such children from the time of departure to arriving at the final destination.

Age Criteria to qualify as an unaccompanied minorsAmerican Airlines Unaccompanied Minors

The unaccompanied minors service is compulsory for children age between 7 and 12 without a parent or a guardian. Children of age 13 to 17 cannot travel as unaccompanied minor. However, the service is available as an option for the same age group as well.

Note: Children ranging within the age of 7 years will not be allowed to travel with us unless accompanied by an adult.


Contact our American Airlines customer support number at +1(866) 220 4757. for fees related queries.

How to avail the service?

You can book this check in policy by call. Call at our American Airlines Reservation desk at +1(866) 220 4757. to book.

Guidelines for an Infant

Children younger than 24 months (2 years) cannot have a seat of their own. You are required to contact and inform American Airlines mentioning clearly that you will be travelling with an infant on your lap.

Note: The children sitting on the lap can be only held by a passenger who is at least 15 years old.

Each adult can only carry one child on his/her lap. In case, an adult is travelling with two or more infant that are under the age of 2 years, a seat must be booked/reserved/purchased for every additional infant.

Note: You can also choose to purchase a seat for the infant but you must have a proper child restraint device.

Infant travelling domestically

An infant age under 2 years can travel free of cost domestically, as long as the child will be travelling on the lap of the respective passenger (adult) for the flight.

Infant travelling internationally

An infant age under 2 years is normally charged 10% to the cost of an adult’s fare plus taxes, then it does not matter if the infant will be travelling on the lap of the respective passenger (adult) for the flight.

Note: In case your child turns 2 on the trip, you will have to buy a ticket for the respective flight on which the infant will be crossing 2 years of age.

Infant Amenities of American Airlines

The infant amenities are different for different air crafts. If you want to know the amenities equipped by the aircraft, simply visit the air plane page, and search for the Infant Amenity Icon. If there are any, by clicking on it, you will be served with all the information about what infant services are available on the respective aircraft. However, if fail to see any, then it means there are not any infant amenities offered on that particular air plane. You can contact American Airlines Phone Number at +1(866) 220 4757. for more information.

Note: No infant or seats purchased for infant are allowed to sit in an exit row. The passengers sitting in an exit row must be 15 years old or more.